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Cool tips for hot days

Coole Tipps für heiße Tage

Blue skies, sunshine and temperatures above 30 C°. With such a summer weather you belong in the swimming pool or in the ice cream parlour. But that is not granted to everyone. If you have to get out in this terribly hot weather, you'll start to sweat a lot. We have put together a few cool tips for you so that you can get through the hot weather well. 


Be a lukewarm shower

In hot temperatures, a cold pour is a blessing. Nevertheless, you should avoid an icy shower in summer. The cold water closes the pores of the skin. As a result, it is difficult for heat to escape and the body begins to sweat. You can do without that now. Better: shower lukewarm. Use a refreshing shower gel. Products with essential oils (e.g. peppermint, menthol) create a cool feeling on the skin that lasts for some time. This is how you take the freshness kick with you into the day.

If lukewarm is still too warm for you, you should limit the ice-cold pleasure to your legs. This also has a refreshing effect and is also a great help against swollen legs and feet. Even if you sweat and feel uncomfortable, you shouldn't shower too many times a day. You should use pH-friendly shower gel or completely avoid washing lotions. If you overdo it with cleanliness, your skin dries out too much. Then the natural protective layer is attacked and germs have an easy time.

Tip: Put your masks in the fridge for a few minutes before use. This works particularly well with sheet masks, whether for the face, Eyes or cleavage.


Light care for summer skin

Summer skin needs special care. But you should now keep your hands off greasy creams and lotions. They melt and make you sweat even more. Creams with fruit or lactic acid are also not suitable for summer, as they increase the skin's sensitivity to light. Light preparations that provide moisture are better. The best ingredients are those that fight the so-called free radicals and thus counteract premature skin aging. Sweat rivulets on the back and chest are rather unpleasant. Body powder helps against this, it prevents sweaty skin. 

By the way: Perfume and sun are not a good combination. There is a risk of ugly pigment spots forming on the skin. Therefore, the fragrance should only be applied where it does not come into direct contact with sunlight.


Airy outfit for heat exchange

You should leave tight-fitting clothing in the closet when the temperature is high, as it impedes heat exchange. Better: Loose, light clothing made from natural fibers. The skin can breathe in it and literally nothing stands in the way of the evaporation process of the sweaty skin. Let your feet breathe too. Closed shoes such as slippers or sneakers are no fun at high temperatures. Comfortable sandals and heeled sandals are ideal. If you have to wear smart shoes for professional reasons, you should treat your feet and the spaces between your toes with a special powder. This not only inhibits perspiration, but also counteracts the formation of blisters and athlete's foot.  



Refreshing nutrition

It is no secret. The body needs a lot of fluids. Even at normal temperatures, you should drink about two liters a day. In high heat, this is not enough, so it may be one to two liters more. What we sweat out in terms of liquid and minerals must be returned to the organism, otherwise there is a risk of circulatory problems, nausea, dizziness, headaches, a feeling of weakness, muscle and abdominal cramps. Apple spritzer, water or unsweetened tea are ideal thirst quenchers. In between, it can also be a yoghurt or buttermilk drink. However, you should limit the consumption of alcohol, because beer and the like deprive the body of a lot of liquid. 

The same applies to drinks: it is better to enjoy them lukewarm than cold, otherwise the temperature shock for the organism is too great. Icy liquid must first be "heated up" in order to adapt to body temperature. The result: you sweat even more. In addition, the drunk cold can literally hit the stomach. Speaking of the stomach: it prefers light food when the temperature is high. It particularly likes fruit, vegetables and salads, but of course without heavy sauces. Greasy cuisine only puts unnecessary strain on the body.


Fresh kick in the office

In Germany, only a few workplaces are equipped with air conditioning. You have to be inventive to get a fresh kick from time to time. The same applies here: no matter how stressful you are, you have to take the time to drink. It's best to put two or three bottles of water on your desk right away. Make it a point to drink these throughout the day. You should avoid heavy canteen food. Go for the salads instead. A delicious yoghurt or a watermelon for dessert, and you've done something good for your stomach and figure.  

If it gets unbearably hot, you can run cold water over your wrists for a few minutes. Do you have a home office or a refrigerator near your workplace? Great, then put cold compresses in it. You can put this on your neck or on your forehead from time to time. If nobody minds, you can also take off your shoes and put your feet on the cooling pads. This is really good, especially when your feet are swollen. If your legs are heavy, run the compresses up and down your calves a few times. Special cooling sprays also help here.


No stress

Now take it slow. When it's hot, especially when it's humid, some people get a little more irritable than usual. Don't get upset, it's not worth it. Avoid stressful situations. Plan your (working) day and set the appointments generously. The less you have to rush, the better. Then when you come home, a cool home awaits you. Because you already ventilated well in the morning, then closed all the windows and lowered the blinds. 

Sleep tip: Too hot to sleep? Then snooze where it is cooler, e.g. B. in the basement, in the garden or on the balcony. If you prefer to stay in the bedroom, you should take a lukewarm shower shortly before going to bed and do not dry yourself afterwards. A wet sheet in front of the open window also helps. The evaporation effect removes heat from the room. The best conditions for a good night's sleep and looking forward to another beautiful summer's day. If none of that helps, then a fan provides pleasant cooling.


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