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Pamper your hands

Verwöhne deine Hände

They are in daily use. Are put under a lot of strain - and unfortunately spoiled far too rarely. Our hands deserve careful attention. Then they remain tender and youthful.


The cream, the cream, the cream

Give your hands what they desperately need - regular care. Cream them several times a day with a cream or lotion that contains everything your hands need. You are spoiled for choice. There are numerous products for every hand problem. The creams provide moisture, reduce wrinkles, bleach age spots, alleviate skin cracks and protect against harmful environmental influences such as UV radiation. Lotions that are quickly absorbed and leave no greasy film are particularly suitable during the day. In the evening it can be a bit richer. Then your hands have the whole night to regenerate and are no longer stressed.


Give your hands the pack

Do you regularly pamper your skin and hair with a mask? Great, then also think about your hands. They are particularly happy about this extra care. After all, they have to go through a lot every day. Literally. However, you have to take some time for this, because a mask takes longer to penetrate the skin. A light peeling beforehand intensifies the care. Hand masks are commercially available, but you can also improvise: Rub your hands liberally with a rich hand cream or all-purpose cream before bed. Then pull thin gloves over it, this increases the effect. You can buy special grooming gloves, but you can also use simple cotton gloves. Masks that offer gloves and care in one are particularly simple. Here you don't have to wait long for the care effect to take effect, but a maximum of 30 minutes.     


protect gloves

Even if it bothers you, put on gloves more often. When cleaning and coloring hair, they protect against aggressive chemicals. Thin rubber or plastic gloves can also make sense when painting. Anyone who works with non-water-soluble paints must remove paint residues with turpentine or something similar. This is really no joy for the delicate skin. When gardening, gloves prevent skin cracks and broken fingernails.

Tip: Our hands do not like UV radiation at all, the sun causes the skin to age faster. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you should treat your hands to care with a high sun protection factor.



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