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You are MRSSCHMITZ! In the Rhineland, "Schmitz" is one of the most common surnames. So it says "MRSSCHMITZ" represents every woman: of every age and every personality.

Why Rhineland? Because we, the founders of MRSSCHMITZ Beauty, we have our home here - with which we have very close ties. Many of our great team come from the region. From the very beginning, it was important to us to produce in Germany, as was the topic of “sustainability”.

But there is something more behind the company name: "SCHMITZ" is also a name blend of Schmitt and Dietz, our surname.

What drives us? Enthusiasm for everything that makes you beautiful. We are self-confessed beautynistas, always open to care trends and innovations. We noticed that certain "skincare niches" are only covered to a limited extent, such as the décolleté care.

We find a situation that needs to be changed.



Petra Dietz & Sarah Schmitt



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