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Nicely rubbed: peeling from head to toe

Frau macht ein Peeling für das Gesicht

Too little sleep, too much stress? You can see that in the skin. A gray veil covers the face - there can no longer be any talk of a radiant complexion. What your skin needs right now is a little makeover. Get your blood circulation going and cleanse your skin down to the pores. A peeling from head to toe gives the skin back missing energy.

Peeling: support skin renewal

The skin is our largest organ, we should not neglect it. Up to the age of 30, the skin regenerates itself every four weeks. Unfortunately, it will take longer for her later. You should therefore remove dead skin cells with a gentle peeling at least once a month. The skin then looks rosier and firmer and is optimally prepared for the subsequent care. Masks, creams and lotions can now develop their full effect. Important: be gentle with your skin. A face massage tool is ideal for a face peeling. You can use it to gently massage the skin in circular movements, which stimulates blood circulation and skin renewal. Special massage gloves or brushes are ideal for body peelings, as they also stimulate the metabolism. This makes the skin nice and plump and cellulite dents get a damper. By the way: If you like to tan artificially, you should definitely exfoliate before applying the self-tanner. Otherwise, the skin will quickly look blotchy.

Beautiful quickly with the right peeling
A facial peeling boosts the skin's functions at turbo speed. Anyone who thinks that their complexion is really flabby should exfoliate now. But not more than once a week, otherwise the rubbing will do more harm than good. The delicate facial skin must not be overstrained. There are now very mild peeling creams for the complexion, which can also be used to care for sensitive skin. The time of coarse-grained abrasives is over, today extra-mild rubbing is used. Or let pure oxygen touch your skin. Peelings with air-filled microbeads quickly make you fresh and fit. You can also channel vitamins and efficient effects into the skin with peeling. If even mild rubbing creams are too hard for you, you can alternatively use peeling powder. It contains herbal active ingredients that are foamed with water. Dead skin cells are gently removed. Peeling pads are ideal for those in a hurry, they also clean the skin down to the pores.

Eye-catching cleavage
The sun is shining and the cleavages are deepening. A good reason to spice up the décolleté with a special peeling. Small, unsightly pimples often sprout between the neck and the base of the chest. Here, too, a peeling creates cosmetic “clarity”. Feel free to use your face peeling product or a special peeling for the décolleté for this sensitive area. The décolleté skin is very thin and tends to form wrinkles quickly, so you should only rub it very gently here. If using an exfoliating mitt, go over the neck and bust area in light circular motions. Or treat yourself to the luxury of a natural sponge, with which the décolleté can be optimally massaged and cleaned. Nursing degree: a nurturing décolleté mask.

Exfoliation in every season
The body should be rubbed regularly, and not just during the holiday season. He has earned this attentive care throughout the year. Here, too, the cosmetics industry offers all kinds of products that "sand" the skin smooth again. If you want to exfoliate quickly, you can do it in the shower. Shower scrubs are refreshing and require no preparation. If you take the time to take care of your body, you can also make your own rubbing paste: mix coarse sea salt with cleansing milk (you can also use real milk) to form a mushy paste. You then apply this very thickly to your body (with a brush or sponge). Gently massage in the natural peeling in circular movements and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Power from the sea is a real fountain of youth for the skin and an insider tip against cellulite. If you don't feel like mixing it yourself, you can also buy sea peelings.

Foot-fine and hand-tender with the right peeling
Summer sandals bring it to light: Feet are not fine at all. Rough and unsavory. There has to be rubbing as well. First a foot bath, then the (homemade) scrub: mix half a teaspoon of sea salt with some cream. Massage this paste into your feet and then rinse them off thoroughly. The hands can also become soft to the touch again with this creamy rub-off cream. However, the skin on the back of the hand is very thin and must be treated particularly gently. Applies to feet and hands. Apply cream well after rubbing.

Such a deep cleansing for the complexion and body also refreshes the soul. It is optimal to pamper the skin with masks and ampoules after the peeling.

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