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Décolleté care: eye-catcher in top form

Dekolleté-Pflege: Blickfang in Top-Form

Not necessarily at eye level, but always an eye-catcher: the décolleté. A beautiful section invites you to take a look. If the eye-catching décolleté is also in top shape, all the better.


Peeling as décolleté care 

The décolleté is always an eye-catcher. Especially when it's presented to its best advantage. The right care is crucial for this, which also includes regular exfoliation - once or twice a month. This should be very gentle, because the skin on the décolleté is extremely thin and sensitive. You can use a peeling gel or a peeling glove for this. Both promote blood circulation, remove dead skin cells and make the skin velvety soft.




Masks and creams for a beautiful décolleté

When it comes to skin care, don't neglect your cleavage. It's not just the face that needs good care, the area between the neck and the base of the chest also appreciates an extra portion of care. Special care products that tighten the décolleté are particularly effective after showering. The skin is now very receptive. The emulsion is massaged in with gentle circular movements from the breast to the neck.

 To smooth out small creases, one is décolleté mask ideal. It works with highly concentrated active ingredients and within a short (acting) time. Perfect for a beauty quickie before you go out.

Tip: if you our By-bye wrinkle décolleté mask put it in the fridge for a few minutes just before use. This is not only pleasantly cooling, but also enhances the care and smoothing effect. Wait for the serum to fully absorb before applying any conditioner.


Sun terrace décolleté: sun protection is a must 

UV rays put extreme stress on the sensitive skin area between the neck and the base of the chest. As the body's largest sun terrace, the décolleté needs special protection and care. UV rays cause the skin to age faster, so a decent sun protection factor is a must. It should be care with a sun protection factor of 20 to 30. Sun-sensitive skin can also use SPF 50. You will still get a nice tan, but softer, more beautiful and healthier. After sunbathing, an after sun treatment is ideal for caring for sun-stressed skin.


Glitter and glamor set the stage for your décolleté

After a décolleté mask, which in itself provides a great glow, you can spice up your décolleté with shimmering effects: oils and creams with shimmer particles ensure a radiant appearance of your décolleté. If that's still too subtle for you, you can use body glitter to show off your cleavage in a glamorous way.

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