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Frost protection for your winter skin

Junge Frau im Schnee

The interplay of cold outside and heated air inside stresses the skin: it becomes dry. We tell you how your skin stays nice and supple even in winter.


Dry skin in winter: these are the causes

The skin is the largest organ in our body. An organ that needs to be cared for. Winter in particular can be quite stressful for the skin. As soon as the temperature drops below 8 degrees, your sebaceous glands become a bit sluggish - they produce less fat. In return, your skin's own fat loses its suppleness and is now distributed more poorly. The result: The lipid film, which is supposed to protect your skin from drying out, becomes permeable. On top of that, the dry heating air inside ensures that the skin becomes flaky and tense.


Winter skin needs less water and more fat

Light emulsions and fluids can now go on winter break. In the summer they were perfect, but in the cold season they can do more harm than good due to their high water content. If you have dilated veins (couperose) on your face, you have to be particularly careful.   

What you need now is a fatty conditioner. The thicker and firmer the care product is, the richer it is in fat. What also protects your skin in addition to fat: urea and glycerine preserve the moisture content in the skin and are perfect for winter skin care. But you are totally happy with your skin care and do not want to change? Then mix them with a few drops of facial oil to give your skin a little extra oil.  

When cleaning your facial skin, you should use pH-neutral products without alcohol so as not to remove even more oil and moisture from your skin.


Only use rich skin care products when needed

A rich facial care only makes sense when your skin is taut or visibly and noticeably drying out. Otherwise, the fat can lead to blemishes and pimples.

Our tip: Pamper your winter skin regularly with masks to provide it with sufficient moisture. For your eye area and the cleavage are the sheet mask pads from MRSSCHMITZ Beauty now ideal. They contain hyaluron and panthenol, among other things - perfect for caring for stressed winter skin.   


Sun protection in winter? Absolutely!

Your skin needs to be protected from the sun's rays at all times, and not just during the warmer months. The aggressive UVA rays don't take a summer break. They are evenly active throughout the year and are partly responsible for skin aging. Care with a sun protection factor also makes sense in snowfall and rain. SPF 15 to 20 should be sufficient in winter.



Your body also needs a lot of care now

Yes, it can sometimes be annoying to apply cream to your body after a bath or shower. Often there is not enough time to do so. But: Body lotions or body oils keep your skin nice and supple. Ideally, use a product that particularly appeals to you. This can be a pleasant consistency or a great scent. Important: It is better to use a lighter body care product than none at all, just because it takes too long for the fluid to be absorbed.    

Our tip: Oils are the ideal winter care for your body because they do not require water. Ideally, you apply the oil when your skin is still slightly damp.


No chance for dry hands

The hands have it particularly difficult in winter. Here the skin has only a few sebaceous glands and fat is scarce. It dries out faster now and frequent hand washing - which is an absolute must for health reasons - makes it worse. Therefore, the same applies here: creams. creams. creams. By the way, your hands will also be happy about a rich mask in between.


Does your skin itch in winter?

Then maybe your skin barrier is disturbed, caused by small cracks. Substances can penetrate more easily, to which the skin reacts sensitively. The result is itching. Regular application of a rich lotion can solve the problem. If the itching doesn't go away, a dermatologist can certainly help.  


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