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Mascara History: Eyelash tuning for over 100 years

Mascara History:  Wimpern-Tuning seit über 100 Jahren

A seductive look without mascara? Unthinkable! It makes eyelashes thicker, longer, darker - a real eye-catcher. The cool tool gives a make-up bewitching sophistication. And that for quite a long time. The ultimate eyelash tuner has been beautifying women since 1913.


The first mascara

We owe the mascara to close family ties. In 1913, chemist Tom Lyle Williams did his sister Mabel a big favor: he invented a paste that was supposed to give her an irresistible look. The scientist mixed coal dust with petroleum jelly. The result was a black paste that accentuated Mabel's lashes and gave her eyes more definition. The sister was happy, and she had every reason to be. Not only was she allowed to test the prototype of a revolutionary beauty tool - which of course she wasn't aware of at the time - she was also listened to by her beloved Chet Hewes. Wedding bells soon rang for the two of them, but certainly not just because of the bride's pitch-black lashes. Since it all started with Mabel, it actually made sense to include her in the naming of the eyelash paste: The original mascara was named Maybelline (Mabel + Vaseline). The rest is a Hollywood success story. The Williams family pulled off a brilliant beauty coup with Maybelline Mascara, on which they built an impressive cosmetics empire.


Waterproof mascara has been around since 1935

The first waterproof mascara saw the light of day as early as 1935, invented by Helene Winterstein-Kambersky. After numerous experiments, the Austrian singer created applyable eyelash color that could withstand even hot stage lights. The mixture filled into tubes was applied with a paper roll. Later, mascara was offered in a block from which the color was picked up with a dampened brush. Still far too complicated, decided "Lash Queen" Helena Rubinstein and invented the first automatic mascara with an integrated brush in 1958. A blessing for the morning beautification ritual. Because that way, the average of 400 eyelashes per eye are much easier to apply.

 Wimperntusche mit großem Bürstchen


Lengthen and thicken: Mascara is a multi-talent

From subtly sophisticated to the false eyelash effect: mascaras are all-rounders today. They lengthen, thicken and give enchanting momentum. If you like it colorful, you can dye your eyelashes blue, red, yellow, purple or green. However, coloring is subject to trends and is not en vogue every season. Black and brown are still the preferred mascara colors, so women love it very classic, and men do too, by the way.

There is hardly a woman who does without mascara, and the wallet hardly plays a role. The beauty essential is available from cheap to expensive, from simple to luxurious. The consistency of the color is just as important - and the discerning clientele agrees on this - as the brush. Every woman has her favorites here. For some it can't be voluminous enough, others appreciate a narrow eyelash tool or even opt for a rotating variant. Different mascaras are often combined to get the best look.

The decorative portfolio for eyelashes seems limitless, with no end in sight. Every year new, more innovative mascaras are launched, all of which have one thing in common: they promise the ultimate in beguiling moments.



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