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Schnell schöne Oberarme

Beautiful upper arms quickly

Written by Petra Dietz
From the age of 30, the firmness of the upper arms unfortunately decreases somewhat. But there are a few tricks you can use to get your upper arms back in shape.
Mascara History:  Wimpern-Tuning seit über 100 Jahren

Mascara History: Eyelash tuning for over 100 years

Written by Petra Dietz
A seductive look without mascara? Unthinkable! It makes eyelashes thicker, longer, darker - a real eye-catcher.
Junge Frau im Schnee

Frost protection for your winter skin

Written by Petra Dietz
The interplay of cold outside and heated air inside stresses the skin: it becomes dry. We tell you how your skin stays nice and supple even in winter.

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