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Sea water: all-rounder for health and beauty

Meerwasser: Allrounder für Gesundheit und Schönheit

Seawater is not only a natural medicine, it also makes you beautiful: the salt has a stimulating effect on blood circulation. The skin feels plump and silky. 

Scientists claim that the origin of all life is the sea. Perhaps one reason why humans have such an intimate relationship with water. After all, we have the sea in our blood. The chemical composition of seawater is almost identical to that of human blood.


Salty beauty elixir 

Seawater is not only said to have healing effects, but also cosmetic ones. Sea water is pure care for the complexion. The salt has a stimulating effect on blood circulation, the skin feels plump and silky. Dead Sea salt in particular is said to work wonders.

 Don't worry, you don't necessarily have to look far for a wellness bath in seawater. You can also enjoy the power of salt in the bathtub at home; salt from the Dead Sea is available in pharmacies and drugstores. Sea salt is also commonly called Peeling or used as an active ingredient in care cosmetics and shampoos.


Junge Frau geht am Strand spazieren


Heal weightlessly with seawater

Even in ancient times people knew how to use the healing powers of sea water. Even today, the salty elixir is indispensable in modern medicine. Because sea water contains a lot of minerals (e.g. sodium, potassium, magnesium) and trace elements (e.g. chromium, iodine, selenium), which provide relief for a wide variety of diseases.

The most common "administration form" of the moist remedy is the bath. You can splash around at a pleasant 30 C°. At this temperature, the substances contained in seawater are particularly well absorbed by the skin. You feel almost weightless in the brine pool, because the salt content of the water causes a pleasant buoyancy. A person weighing 70 kg weighs only about 6.5 kg in a seawater bath. This lightness relaxes body and soul. Even people who suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system or muscle weakness can perform movements in the brine bath that would not be possible on "land" at all.


Natural remedy

A brine bath is also beneficial for diseased skin: the salt soothes eczema and rashes. Inflammations heal faster, the itching decreases.

But the sea water not only works inside the tub, but also outside. When the seawater evaporates, aerosols (air-salt mixture) form, which are inhaled as seawater dust. The inhalation of these aerosols has a beneficial effect on the airways and bronchi. It frees blocked noses from mucus, virus particles and bacteria. The seawater has a calming effect on irritated mucous membranes, and irritation subsides more quickly.

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